Touch for Health Kinesiology

Level 1 & 2 | 22-25th August 2020

Level 3 & 4 | 29 May-1st June 2020

Level 3 & 4 | 17-20th October 2020

TFH Metaphors & Goal Setting | 14-15th October 2020

Colour for Life

Level 2 | Coming soon

Level 3 | Coming soon

Soul Power Kinesiology

Basic Level 3 | 11-12th July 2020

Advanced Level 4-6 | 18-23rd September 2020

My treatments with Alex have been inspiring and ultimately healing. My life was/is extremely hectic and high-pressured (personal and professional) and to go into a completely non judgemental space, have my body tuned back to a more balanced state instead of this on edge state I was living in, was a real relief. Alex also helped me find focus to face a really daunting upcoming challenge, fix my back both times with literally a brush of the fingers, and really enter a deep, deep state of relaxation.

TLC for the mind, body and soul.


Live simply. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots.

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