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Are you ready to reset and support your body, mind & soul holistically?

Healing Tailored To You!

Bringing together the ancient wisdom of eastern medicine with modern science. Safe, natural and effective. TFH helps with posture, pain, sleep, vitality, nutritional and emotional imbalances. Mind-body connection at its best, including trauma relief and goal setting for all areas of your life. 


If you are ready for change or want to feel alive the best thing to do is start with either an in-person or online one-on-one wellbeing kinesiology session. For 1.5 hours you can detail what’s going on and then I will develop a plan that works just for you using a range of holistic healing modalities.

If it’s in person you will come to my clinic in Shotover Country, Queenstown and we will spend some time talking about what’s going on first. Depending on the variables and your needs I’ll then start working on the first level. You may need follow up consultations to either continue with your well-being plan, maintain what you want or work on something new.

Holistic Wellbeing Session

one-on-one in-person or online

Relaxation can complement the kinesiology process by accessing the unconscious and the higher self while deprogramming the subconscious so that the higher self can have more access and expression. This is what kinesiology is all about and meditations can be selected by the muscle monitoring to enhance this process.

Kinesiology Meditation

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. The sounds generated by Tibetan Singing Bowls are a type of energy medicine that promote healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, and most forms of dis-ease.

Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Using wellness-kinesiology techniques to determine energetic responses to environmental substances, allergens, food and nutritional imbalances. Also recommended to support and correct immune response and encourage better tolerance. 

Nutritional and Food Sensitivity Testing

An intuitive healing session, done hands on or remotely via Skype – bringing together healing modalities from Soul Power Kinesiology, Reiki and Integrative Quantum Medicine™

Intuitive Energy Healing

Combining kinesiology, colour therapy and energy healing modalities to assist in a holistic, non-invasive consultation to bring awareness to all aspects of your life and promote wellbeing for body, mind and soul. Please note that sometimes additional vibrational remedies are recommended, i.e. colour bottles.

Soul Power Kinesiology

Looking closer at your current challenges – using colour bottles to help you move forward. I offer accurate interpretation on a personal level, followed by applying colour oils to facilitate change. Purchasing one of the Unicorn colour bottles to continue treatment at home is highly recommended!

Colour for Life

Your wellbeing session may include a mixture of the following healing modalities.

1:1 Kinesiology Sessions are Personalised To You!



My treatments with Alex have been inspiring and ultimately healing. My life was/is extremely hectic and high-pressured (personal and professional) and to go into a completely non judgemental space, have my body tuned back to a more balanced state instead of this on edge state I was living in, was a real relief. Alex also helped me find focus to face a really daunting upcoming challenge, fix my back both times with literally a brush of the fingers, and really enter a deep, deep state of relaxation.
TLC for the mind, body and soul.

  • Brings back energy.
  • Helps to induce sleep.
  • Relaxes and calms.
  • Helps settle the baby.
  • Colour remedies oil your baby’s skin with natural products.
  • Some drops of colour oils in your bath or massaged onto your body assist and assimilate healing vibrations to adjust to the new role of motherhood and any post-natal issues.

Benefits for Postnatal Mums

  • Assists with feeling at peace about the pregnancy.
  • Energises the body.
  • Calms the baby throughout pregnancy – so often babies will be more peaceful when born.
  • Reduces stress and brings pain relief during childbirth.

Benefits for Prenatal Mums

  • Helps with bed-wetting and toileting issues.
  • Assists with behavioural problems.
  • Supports overall wellbeing.
  • Balancing and calming.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Supports sleeping through the night.
  • Helps with study.
  • Calms examination fears.

Benefits for Children and Teenagers

  • Find your passion and direction in life.
  • Sooth your emotions.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Increase your energy and vitality.
  • Overcome your fears.
  • Gain insight into your relationships.
  • Feel happier and more balanced.
  • Feel relaxed and much calmer.

Benefits for Adults

Are you ready to come back to you?


An in-person session designed specifically for mother and baby (pre and post-natal). We explore and discuss calming nervous system techniques, nutrition, lifestyle, emotional release and physical adjustments after birth. All details will be sent after booking. 
Investment $188 NZD

1:1 Mums n' Bubs Session


Intuitive healing works amazingly well online! Your session will be hosted over Zoom. You will be provided all the details in your confirmation email.
Allow 1.5 hours for your initial appointment.
Investment $222 NZD
Follow-up: $155-222 NZD

1:1 Online Wellbeing Session


Your session will be hosted in Shotover Country, Queenstown. You will be provided all the details in your confirmation email. 
Allow 1.5 hours for your initial appointment.
Investment $222 NZD
Follow-up: $155-222 NZD

1:1 In-Person Wellbeing Session

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Highly recommended for accident recovery, pain management & trauma release! 

"Highly recommended for accident recovery, pain management & trauma release! I had a mountain biking accident that brought up a lot of inner turmoil, mentally, as well as the physical pain, surgery process etc, which was all harder that I anticipated.
After several recommendations, I saw Alex & we got to the root cause of my inner turmoil very quickly, which dated way back!
I also managed to work on reaccepting or reattaching to my wrist once out the cast and thanks to the techniques Alex showed me I was able to reduce from 4 types of pain relief down to 2 only 5 days post-surgery & was completely off all medication 7 days the surgery!!! This still baffles me.
I am so happy I chose to process the bigger communications and learn what I personally needed to learn from this accident & pain. Alex held that space for me in a wonderfully holistic, wholesome & safe way."

Gemma Rose

Learn more

  • Meet like-minded women to discuss motherhood.
  • Be seen, heard, and validated in a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Learn self care tips and techniques you can use at home.
  • Limited spaces: Maximum of 10 participants.

 The Mothers Circle is a bi-monthly sanctuary for new and experienced Mothers to come together, to connect & share in a safe space, breathe, move, rest, release and acknowledge all that it feels to be a mother in a safe and non-judgmental space. Circles are done online or in person in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Mother's Circles

Group Session in-person or online

*No mother left alone – if you are struggling or disadvantaged in any way, contact Alex. Small amount of sponsored spaces available


$11 NZD
If you are feeling the call to connect, make sure you book your spot as there is limited availability to keep the sessions safe and intimate.

It is time to prioritize yourself, reconnect within, be present and seen!


  • Lean into radical self compassion and self-love.
  • Be seen, heard, and validated in a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Make meaningful connections with other women.
  • Feel grounded and present.
  • Practice compassion for others and reap the benefits of that in your life.
  • Lower stress, anxiety and loneliness.
  • Find support, be understood and gain perspective.
  • A safe space to share your deepest thoughts, joys, and fears - yes, having ambivalent feelings is normal.
  • Fill your cup and make attending circles part of your self-care routines.
  • Learn self care tips and techniques you can use at home.
  • Find inspiration.


  • Grounding practice to open.
  • Opening talk on motherhood (topics vary).
  • Sharing and listening circle
  • Meditation (often, not always).
  • Self-care tips & techniques, to nourish yourself and your family.
  • In person circles finish with a small snack and cuppa to connect with fellow mums.

What's Included:

These sessions are for mothers of all motherhood experiences, and levels of movement and mediation practice. New-born's and pre-crawling babies are welcome to join. Please notify upon booking for in person circle's, as numbers are limited.

Who's it for?


$29 NZD


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Léan R.

I met Alex with a lot of trauma, fear, suppressed emotions and fearing I could not push through and be the mother I needed to be. I was also worried about what the trauma meant for my baby and her inner being.
During the session, Alex took me to some of the core emotions and supported me as I faced them. The release I felt after the session and the love that overcame me for my baby was indescribable. I noticed a huge lift in my baby from that moment on and even visibly saw her sigh of relief before she nodded off for a long sleep. For someone who had very little knowledge of Kinesiology before my session, I am now a definite believer in it's huge benefits.
I would recommend Alex 100% and I can't wait to work with Alex again soon.

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Treat yourself to an hour of Tibetan Singing Bowl Balance, infused with essential oils and colour remedies... pure bliss for body, mind and soul!

1:1 Sound Healing

  • Some studies have found that music therapy can reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone. 
  • Immerse yourself in a relaxing sound bath to relax and unwind.
  • Soothing essential oils create a deeper sense of relaxation.
  • 1:1 session based in Shotover Country, Queenstown, NZ.

one-on-one in-person



I love every time I go to see Alex… she is so friendly and welcoming and has such a wealth of knowledge that she uses a combination of modalities to help you! Alex is warm, caring and wise and an asset to the community- I love the courses and learnings she is offering to share with us all and couldn’t recommend a kinesiology or sound bowl session with her enough… a great way to rebalance our system!




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Learn Kinesiology and holistic energy techniques and take the next step to be in charge of your own health and wellbeing, support your family's health or become a fully qualified kinesiologist as part of a new career path. The training courses are registered with the (IKC) International Kinesiology College and (NZITFHK) The NZ institute of Touch for Health Kinesiology. Allowing you to then register with The Natural Health Practitioners of NZ as a Energy and Touch for Health Kinesiologist.

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