Soul Power Kinesiology Course August Intake

Touch for Health Course June Intake

Chakra Healing With Colours

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Chakras are the energetic centres in our body. There are many definitions on what chakras are, here are two of my favourite descriptions. Historical Descriptions of Chakras Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranda describes a chakra as: …[a] powerhouse in the way it generates and stores energy, with the energy from cosmos pulled in more strongly at these […]

What Are Chakras?

Color Therapy Bottles

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Imagine a world where vibrant colors hold the power to heal your body, mind, and spirit. That’s the beauty of Color Therapy – a holistic, non-invasive approach that can address a wide range of issues, from physical ailments to emotional turmoil or even an all-over relaxation session. What Can Color Therapy Treat? The best part? […]

Colour Therapy – A Vibrational Remedy

Alex Bowles performing an in-person kinesiology session.

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Kinesiology is the science of muscle monitoring Muscles are like little detectives monitoring stresses or (energy) imbalances in the body. The stress may relate to postural issues, injuries, nutritional deficiencies, learning difficulties, emotional states, fatigue or general digestive issues. Using Kinesiology I can evaluate, pinpoint and correct these imbalances helping you to achieve optimum health […]

What Exactly is Kinesiology? 

I believe in heart centered connections, staying mindful of the present moment, and recognizing that our physical bodies are a reflection of our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

I support women on their health and well being journey. Together, we work with your tailored plan that helps you to feel balanced; to reset and re-align to the real you and to shine naturally from within.

Hi, I’m Alex!


Learn Kinesiology and holistic energy techniques and take the next step to be in charge of your own health and wellbeing, support your family's health or become a fully qualified kinesiologist as part of a new career path. 

Learn Kinesiology

1:1 Sessions for Women's Health and Wellbeing. Imagine arriving in a safe and nurturing environment, specifically designed to meet your health and wellness goals. Your session can be online and/or in-person in Queenstown, New Zealand.

1:1 Holistic Well-Being Session

Bi-monthly sanctuary for new and experienced Mothers to come together, to connect & share in a safe space, breathe, move, rest, release and acknowledge all that it feels to be a mother in a safe and non-judgmental space. 

Mothers Circles

Are you ready to reset and support your body, mind and soul holistically?

How I Can Help

Love Notes...

Helped me through personal challenges.

"I can highly recommend working with Alex. Alex is very knowledgeable and intuitive in her approach to finding and working on imbalances within your body. She has helped me through personal challenges and equipped me with great tools that I have added to my tool box for life. Thank you Alex."

Gitti tapper

Great experience managing chronic pain.

"I've continued to have a great experience working with Alex on a lot of pain from a recent surgery and other chronic pain. She's really thorough in her work and she has a lot of experience, love, and joy for what she does. You can feel right away that she truly wants the best for you! I'll definitely continue to work with Alex, she's invaluable to have here in Queenstown!"


Motivating and fun sessions!

"I have done four sessions with Alex for Mentoring. The sessions have been excellent; motivating, creative, fun and extremely helpful in opening up my thoughts to better move forward through my next phase in business and life. Thank you Alex"

Kathy moore

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